Bridging the Gap Between Medical and Mental Healthcare

Clinical studies indicate that proper mental-emotional health leads to better medical outcomes, adherence and compliance to treatment protocols addressing comorbidities, and increased patient satisfaction.

Our providers are board-certified psychiatrists and medical practitioners accredited in behavioral health, which offers additional layers of care and risk mitigation to ensure successful outcomes, at no cost to the referring physician, medical practice or surgical facility.

For Physicians

Clarity provides both pre and post-surgical assessments and treatment programs, as directed by the referring physician, via telehealth in the comfort of the patient’s home. We also treat patients with chronic mental health issues through pharmacological assessment, medication management and psychotherapy.

Why Clarity…

Major surgeries and other medical interventions save lives and restore health. But the health conditions that necessitate these procedures, and sometimes the procedures themselves, are often associated with mental health comorbidities that can significantly affect patient adherence to treatment plans, patient satisfaction and healing. We are the surgeon or doctor’s behavioral health partner in optimizing outcomes and recovery.

Clarity² Behavioral provides convenient, structured mental health assessments and treatment via telehealth for patients undergoing major surgical procedures and medical interventions, such as neurosurgery, bariatric, spinal fusion, cardiovascular, reconstructive surgery, amputation, mastectomy and oncological interventions. Working with patients facing these kind of crises is what we do.

Efficient, timely behavioral health support improves outcomes for both patients and surgeons. At a time when many patients have limited access to behavioral health providers, and the scarcity of behavioral resources is increasing, Clarity² Behavioral is the answer.

Timely and consistent pre and post-surgical behavioral assessments

Structured behavioral support programs designed with world-renowned surgeons and physicians

Mitigates the burden of accessing or providing mental health care by the surgical staff

Virtual Concierge and Live Person Technical Help Desk for patients

We accept Medicare and most major commercial insurance plans

Cavendish Summit No. 15 – July 22, 2021


New Name, Same Mission

Clarity Telehealth, Inc is changing its name to Clarity Squared Behavioral, Inc. We are a tech-enabled clinical provider developing unique programs of mental health assessment and support for patients facing major medical challenges and interventions. To supercharge our growth, we are also acquiring financial control of smaller psychiatric practices across the US. We are committed to the use of telehealth as a means of providing access and conveniently delivering our services. But we are so much more than “just” a telehealth company.